Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Community Supported Agriculture!

We've got a great opportunity to get fresh organic vegetables and eggs right from the source here in Chiang Mai.  A local community in Mae Ta that ISDSI has worked with for years has started a CSA -- Community Supported Agriculture.

The way it works is you pay in advance for a share of the farmer's crops -- and then each week you get a box of fresh vegetables that are organic and in season.  You can also get organic free range eggs as well.

You pay 200 B a week for the vegetables, and pay for 10 weeks in advance (eggs are an additional charge).  This gives the farmers capital to invest in their farm, and helps to keep them going as a small family owned organic farm.

Right now they are dropping off boxes at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) every Wednesday. I talked with them this morning, and they are willing to do a drop-off at CrossFit Chiang Mai if there are at least three people interested -- and we've already heard from two who are!

So if you are interested, please talk with Monica or Mark and we can get it set up!

Our box this morning -- greens, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, eggs, tomatoes, a beet and a papaya!


  1. Hey Gang,

    My 2 bhat:
    Do this people!
    This is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your environment. 'Agrocorps' are knocking down the door to Southeast Asia (if they haven't already done so) and the best defense against 'Frankenfood' is to support local, small-scale farming.
    But even if you don't care about that (or don't believe it), getting a CSA box is TOTALLY PALEO! Eating pesticide/herbicide/fungicide-free food is as close as we city-folk are gonna get to foraging for it ourselves, like our cavemen brethren did. Not to mention the 'bang-for-your-bhat' nutrition to cost benefit ratio.
    This is a win-win, no-brainer.
    Besides, we've got at least two (ahem, Christa/Shelly) fantastically creative food-types who'll surely come up with scrumptious recipes for even the strangest looking stuff that pops out of the box.

    I wish I was with you to get this started but I'll be there in spirit until I can get back.
    I'm off to volunteer in Nicaragua for the summer months but should be back in CM in the fall (if all goes well).

    Best of luck, guys!

  2. how do I sign up? I want in! and are there any pickup points on the west side of Chiang Mai? Thanks so much for this info - those veggies look yummy.