Strength & Conditioning: 15 October 2015


A. Backsquat 3x 4-6 Reps
 If 6+, 5=, 4-

B. 2x6-8 of unilateral KB step ups.  Hold KB in front rack position.  Use opposite leg, opposite arm for today. (If stepping with right leg, rack KB on left side.)

Compare against September 29th.


Partner Complex. AMRAP 13 (Changed from previous versions.)
Alternating complexes. Partner A completes one, then B completes one while partner rests.
Rx weight is 85/55
Romanian Deadlift X 5 (Straightish legs, no floor touch.)
Bentover Row x5 (Barbell from kneecraps to belly button.)
High Pull X 5 (Power position to above sternum.)
Hang Power Clean x 5
Front Squat X 5
Shoulder to Overhead X5
Back Squat x5
*Athlete must bring barbell back to front of head and lower with control. (No dropping from behind head, if either partner drop from behind head, both partners immediatley do 10 burpees.)
*Everytime barbell touches the ground during the complex, resting partner does 5 burpees. No burpees required if complex is completed.