Conditioning: 28 October 2015

Strength WOD:

A) Hex Bar DL 2x 8-10 Reps
If 10+, 9=, 8-

Split class into 4 groups of roughly the same strength. Pulls will happen in round robin fashion. Encourgage groups to be smart and monitor good form. Warm up reps can be done together.

B) Heavy Sled Pulls:
Use drag sleds and set up seatbelt attachments so they can be secured over hips. Add weight every round.


Run in Heats:
Rx= ~BW =/- about 5 lbs. for hexbars.
Rx= ~50% BW +/- 5 lbs for drag sleds.

AMRAP 6 minutes:
1 Rd: 25/25 m Farmers Carry
25/25 m Sled Drag