Strength & Conditioning: 07 Oct 2015


Backsquat 3x 4-6 Reps
 If 6+, 5=, 4-

Controlled box pistols. Progress depth, not weight. Demo controlled box pistol. No bouncing, no losing control, no toe push. Off foot lands on the heel with control, no pushing off from ball of foot. At no point can clients use momentum or lose control of the descent. Use small boxes, planks, plates etc to control exact height. 3x5 sets, adjust height as you go.


Complete 3 rounds: (2 min work, 1 min rest)

Each round consists of as many sets as possible of the following in 2 minutes:

DBL  KB Clean to Push Press – 7 reps (20 kg.  That's 2 KBs)
Single Arm KB Front Rack Walking Lunges w/ 20kg. (25m)

Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

For this workout, complete 7 reps of the KB Clean to PP then using a single KB perform front rack walking lunges for 25 meters. You can alternate arms at your discretion during the movement, sets or rounds. Do as many sets of this possible in 2 minutes. Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Focus on completing full sets.  Clients who finish mid lunges can keep KB in the same place and pick up as the rounds allow.

*Focus on good front rack position!