Strength & Conditioning: 04 November 2015


Descending Clean Pull and Clean cluster Practice. Every 2 minutes, pull height will change. Encourage clients to take about 3-5 seconds between reps and reset position, drop bar as often as needed.
Min 0: 1.1.1x Clean Pull @ Hips
Min 2: 1.1.1x Clean Pull at mid hang.
Min 4: 1.1.1x Clean Pull at top of knee caps.
Min 6: 1.1.1x Clean Pull at just below knees.
Min 8: 1.1.1x Clean Pull from ground.
Then switch to clean, not clean pull.
Min 10: 1.1.1x Clean @ Hips
Min 12: 1.1.1x Clean at mid hang.
Min 14: 1.1.1x Clean at top of knee caps.
Min 16: 1.1.1xClean at just below knees.
Min 18: 1.1.1x Clean from ground.


12 Min AMRAP
3 Cleans
4/4 Front Rack BB Step Up (85/55)
5 Shoulder to OH
6 Push Ups