Strength & Conditioning: 06 November 2015


A)  Continue Russian Pull Up Program from previous 3 weeks.  Try to add one more rep.

A. Pull Ups 4 sets @ 1 RTF.  That's reps to failure.  That means leave about one rep in the tank and write down your numbers.  Clients need to find a pull up variation that they will fail on somewhere between 4-12 reps.  That could be inverted rows, ring rows, weighted pull ups etc.

Look at numbers from last week.  If for example, client got: 5,4,3,2 try to beat total reps by 1-2 total reps.  Add reps to the back end.  For example improve to 5,4,4,2.  Don't try to get something like 7,3,3,2.

B)  4 Ropeclimbs not for time, share with partners. Sub and scale as necessary.


For Time:
4 Rounds of
21 Ball Slams (15/9)
15 Wall Balls
9 Toes to Bar
Finish every round with 1 lap.  Let's run in the opposite direction today.