Conditioning: 27 November 2015


5 sets
10L/10R SA KB Strict Press
5-8 Dips (lots of choices here, make it challenging - box, parallettes, parallel bars, rings, weighted)
if able to do strict press @ 24k/20k then next week barbell  


A)  21-15-9
calorie row
wall balls (20#/14#)

B)  This is a modified Festivus event! 
Groups of 2-3 people. Decide on 1 weight to use in the WOD.
AMRAP 8 minutes.
25m Hexbar Farmers Carry Clients choose % of BW. Each rd = points x %. 1 rd @ 50% BW = .5 points.
1 rd @ 100% BW = 1 points.

*Round up to nearest 5lbs for weight %s.
*Some smaller clients might want to use kettlebells.  This is fine.

For ease of running this, let's just try to get a weight somewhere around the BW of all the team members. Every 25m = 1 point.