Conditioning: 24 Sept 2015

Strength WOD:

Teams of 4
500m Hexbar Farmers Carry and Sandbag Carry. Team member #1 will perform 5 hexbar deadlifts then begin the Farmers Walk for 25m or as far as possible.  Team member #2 will start where #1 left off.  #2 will perform 5 hexbar deadlifts and then continue the Farmers Walk.   Team member #3 will perform 5 sandbag shoulders.  On the 5th they will walk the sandbag as far as possible or 25m.  Partner #4 will continue where #3 left off.  Starting with the 5 sandbag shoulders.


For time:
4 laps
30 overhead walking lunges (45#/25#)
3 laps
40 overhead walking lunges
2 laps
50 overhead walking lunges
1 lap