Conditioning: 25 Sept 2015

Strength WOD:

A:  Pull Ups 4 sets @ 2 RTF (Reps To Failure).  That means leave about two reps in the tank and write down your numbers.  Find a pull up variation that will allow you to complete at least 4 but no more than 12 reps..  That could be inverted rows, ring rows, weighted pull ups etc.

B: 15 min cap.
Groups of 3-4. Set up drag sleds in the gym.  Alternating between  members. 5RNFT of 1 sled pull and drag. Increase weights every round. Partners do not need to use the same weight.


For time
500m row
Three rounds of:
15 KB thrusters (20k/12k) *alternate arms as needed
20 jumping lunges (10 each leg)
60 double unders (150 singles)