Strength & Conditioning: 01 February 2016

A) Establish HSPU scale and do one set of ME at that scale. Compare against Dec 21st, Dec 29th, Jan 14th, Jan 22.
 After ME, divide by 2 and do 3 more sets.
 (ME/2 *3)
 IE: ME = 10. /2 =5 do 3x5.

B)  DBL KB Push Press RPT. 

S1: @rough 8RM
Rest 1 Min
S2: One kb lighter. 
Rest 1 Min
S3: One kb lighter.

C) Max Unbroken Double unders in 2 minutes. You have 2 minutes to string together as many DU as possible. If you break, restart. Set a goal.
 Compare against: Dec 14th, Jan 12.

D) 10 Rounds

 90s work
 5 Push Ups
 5 V-ups
 ME Double Unders (Try for Doubles/Struggles or a 3:1 ratio.)
 30s rest