Strength & Conditioning: 08 January 2016


Front Squats - compare to Dec. 23
Reverse Pyramid Training @ 10RM, @90% @80%
 1. Estimate 10 RM and warm up to estimated weight.
 Set one: AMRAP at estimated 10RM
 2.Rest about 2 min. Take off 10-15% from bar depending on how close to 10RM you were. (If fewer than 10 then closer to 15%, if 10 or more then about 10%.) AMRAP at 90% of 1st weight.
 3. Rest about 2 min. Take another 10% off and do another AMRAP.
 Reps should go up as %s go down.


 500 meter Row with partner watching for SPM.
 Athlete rows 500m for time. They must keep their SPM under 25.


WORKOUT 15.5 Lite (Removed set of 27 from original workout.)
 21-15-9 reps for time of:
 Row (calories)
 Thrusters (95/65)