Introducing "Tracks" (and updated class times)

On November 14 we are going to be introducing TRACKS for ALL the classes. EVERY class will have the same format each day — but you choose your focus. We doing this so you can come at ANY TIME and get in the workout you want.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Conditioning Track: Focus on conditioning, metabolic / cardio work, supplemented with barbells for strength.
  • CrossFit Track: Focus on Olympic lifting, strength work, high skill CrossFit movements. 

Tracks will be offered at EVERY CLASS!  So choose a class time and follow the track you want! Here’s an example of what it might look like:

Warm up (5 minutes)
    EVERYONE: run 3 laps / 2 bear crawls length of the gym
Track work (15 minutes)
    CONDITIONING:  Sled drag / shuttle runs X 4
    CROSSFIT: Clean & Jerks - 2 reps working to max effort
WOD (20 minutes) — 21 / 15 / 9
    CONDITIONING: burpees / heavy kettelbell swings
    CROSSFIT: burpees / power cleans
Cool down (5 minutes)
    EVERYONE: 1 lap slow jog / 1 lap walking / roller mobility

SO... If you've been doing the Conditioning class, do the Conditioning Track. If you've been doing the Strength and Conditioning class, do the CrossFit track.

The bonus is now you can come to ANY class and get in the workout style you want!

Changes to Open Gym on Saturday

Saturday Open Gym will now be 9 AM to 12 PM.  Rather than running a separate barbells class, ANYONE can come in during the time and get additional instruction -- barbells, pull ups, double unders or other movements. So, if you've been doing the Conditioning class, and want to be able to do some of the more complicated CrossFit movements including the Olympic lifts, come on Saturday morning during Open Gym!  

Missed a workout during the week?  Come in during Open Gym and make it up, get in some extra work or focus on mobility, practice a new skill (how are you double unders?) and work on getting awesome.

Two adjusted class times

We are adjusting two of the classes (one morning, one afternoon) to help make room for some new upcoming classes we are working on setting up!

8:45 AM class is changing to 8:30 AM

6:15 PM class is changing to 6:00 PM

See you in the gym!