Conditioning: 08 February 2016

A)  4-5 RNFT (15min cap)
50m Prowler Push (heavy, but prowler should keep moving)
15 Bulgarian Goat Bags - 2 count down, 2 count up (AHAP)
90 sec rest

B)  Complete # of DU you got on 15 or 31 December for time.  If you don't have a number then 5 min ME double under.  Write the number down! f you you complete in 4 min or less then next time do a 5min max effort retest

Minute 1: 15 KB swings (20k/16k) + max double unders
Minute 2: 15 russian twist (35#/25#) (L+R=1)
Minute 3: Max Burpees