Strength & Conditioning: 09 February 2016

A) Establish HSPU scale and do one set of ME at that scale.  Compare against Dec 21st, Dec 29th, Jan 14th, Jan 22.

After ME, divide by 2 and do 3 more sets.
(ME/2 *3)
IE: ME = 10. /2 =5 do 3x5

B)  Rope Climb Skills
Spend about 10 minutes reviewing rope climbs.  Clients should try to do about 3-4 rope climbs in this time.

C) Partner Workout:
150 Wallballs for time. Try for RX (20/14)
EMOTM 6 Burpees, split anyway between partners. (One partner can do 6 alone, or partners can do 3/3 etc.)