Strength & Conditioning: 11 February 2016

A)  15 Minutes to find heavy single on the thruster. Record your number  *See Dec 15

B)  Dedicated pull up work. Those without pull ups, work on progression.  Those with pull ups, work on kipping flow and chest to bars.

C)  Max Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups in 2 minutes. For those with out chest 2 bars, choose a benchmark movement. Kipping pull ups, banded pull ups at a specific resistance, ring rows at a specific height etc.  *See Dec 15

D) 11.6/12.5 (compare to Dec 15)
7 minute ascending ladder of Thrusters and Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups +3 (100/65)
IE 3 Thrusters, 3 C2B, 6 Thrusters, 6 C2B  9,9 12,12 15,15… until the 7 minutes are up.