Strength & Conditioning: 19 April 2016

A)  Tabata Core Work 4 min of work 20 work, 10 rest
A: Hollow Body Hold
B: Superman Hold

B)  Floor Press/Bentover Row Superset
3x8 at 7-8 RPE
A: Floor Press
B: Bentover Row
C: Rest
Change weight as necessary. 

C)  For Reps:
Minutes 0-5: Cal Row
Minutes 5-6: Rest
Minutes 6-11: AMRAP of
10 Slamballs
10 Burpees
10 Abmat Sit-ups
Minutes 11-12 Rest
Minutes 12-17 Light Prowler Pushes, entire length of the court but not up to the fence.  Every pole = 1 rep. 1 full length = 12 reps. (20#/empty)
Men +20lbs, Women empty prowler.