Strength & Conditioning: 07 April 2016

A) Establish HSPU scale and do one set of ME at that scale. Compare against Dec 21st, Dec 29th, Jan 14th, Jan 22.
 After ME, divide by 2 and do 3 more sets.
 (ME/2 *3)
 IE: ME = 10. /2 =5 do 3x5

B)  DBL KB Push Press RPT. (This is for additional volume in OH movement.)
 Choose a KB weight that client can DBL push press about 8 times to begin with. Each set will drop one KB down in weight.
 S1: @rough 8RM
 Rest 1 Min
 S2: One kb lighter. 
 Rest 1 Min
 S3: One kb lighter.

C)  Max Unbroken Double unders in 2 minutes. You have 2 minutes to string together as many DU as possible. If you break, restart. Set a goal.

D)  10 90second Rounds:
 5 Push Ups
 5 V-ups
 ME Double Unders (Push Doubles/Struggles or a 3:1 ratio.)
 30 second rest between rounds

Strength & Conditioning: 06 April 2016

A) Power Clean Clusters:
 5 sets of 3-3-3.
 That's 150 seconds between each big set.
 10 seconds between each cluster.
 Almost no pause between each rep in the clusters.
 Compare against Dec 16th  

B) Strict Pull Up work.
 Adjust weight as needed. Try to beat numbers from Jan 20th.

C) "Box Chief
 4 rds, 3min each, 1 min rest between.
 3 Cleans (135/90)
 6 Push Ups
 9 Box Jumps

Strength & Conditioning: 01 April 2016

A)  20 minutes. Work up to a heavy single in the snatch.

B)  using weight from A
 EMOTM 8 Min:
 2 Second Pause at just below knee.
 2 Second Pause at just above knee.
 2 Second pause at high hang/hip position.
 Snatch Pull from the hips.

C)   WORKOUT 15.1
 Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
 15 toes-to-bars
 10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)
 5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)

Strength & Conditioning: 30 March 2016

A) 20 minutes to work up to a 1RM on the clean.

B)  For time:
 120 Double Unders. Record time. If client doesn't have DU, develop new goal. IE 20 double unders. (23rd December)

C) Every other minute for 12 minutes.
 Minute A:
 10 DU/30 SU then
 ME Cleans. (165/110) (Weight not to exceed 80% of 1RM established today.)
 Minute B:
 Rest. Do some mobility like spidermans etc.